Linda Sanchez Feels Saddam Hussein should still be in Power

Tim Escobar, the Republican nominee for the 39th Congressional seat now held by liberal Linda Sanchez, supports House Resolution 557 relating to the liberation of Iraq, and valiant service of U.S. and Coalition forces.

The measure passed the House on 17 March 327-93. Sanchez again voted in the minority. 

“How could any compassionate person feel that with Saddam Hussein still in power that the world would be a safer place? Furthermore, how could somebody who supposedly advocates peace, justice, and human rights, roll back the clock to the days when Saddam was in power? Didn’t Sanchez see the torture chambers and mass graves with bodies of Saddam’s enemy’s including the beheading of innocent women and the poisoning of children? She says she is for woman’s rights but what about the numerous rapes of woman on their wedding day by Saddam’s own sons. She needs to wake up to the reality that Saddam was a horrible beast and God Bless America and our President for having the resolve to remove him!” said Escobar.

H.R. 557 affirms that the world is safer without the Hussein regime in power, commends the Iraqi people for courage in the face of oppression, praises Iraqis for adopting an interim constitution, and expresses gratitude for U.S. and Coalition forces’ service in Iraq.

222 Republicans voted for the resolution. The measure was bipartisan, though, earning 105 democratic yeas against 90 nays.

Her constituents deserve to know if she opposes the rise of a democratically elected government in Iraq, and why she continues to denigrate the efforts of our service men and women, or if she is just a blatant partisan. She lacks the ability to recognize threats to the USA and the courage to act to defend us. Escobar continued, “The fact that she and other Leftist members of Congress would not vote and agree to provide body armor and additional equipment for the soldiers in our National Guard and Army Reserve before they are deployed into harms way is appalling.” Sanchez did not even have the guts to vote FOR or AGAINST but abstained from H.R. 3289.” “The grossly irresponsible attitudes demonstrated by Sanchez would NEVER happen on my watch,” said Escobar.

Tim Escobar joined the U.S. Army as an enlisted soldier becoming a Warrant Officer at the age of 20. He served honorably as a Chief Warrant Officer 3, accepted a direct commission and is now a 1st Lieutenant. Tim has proudly served America the past 18 years as both an Attack and Air Assault pilot in the Army National Guard.

Tim Escobar is running for the 39th congressional district. The 39th District is located in southern Los Angeles County. Major cities in the District include: Artesia, Cerritos, Lakewood, La Mirada, Lynwood, Paramount, South Gate, and Whittier.